Conrad Eye Care

Patient Information

Prior to your appointment

Upon receiving a referral from your Optometrist, GP or Specialist we will call you to enquire as to whether you would like to attend Conrad Eye Care. We will do our best to assist you with a time and day that suits. For new patients upon booking, we will email you a confirmation detailing your appointment, fees and our location.

Important information about your appointment

It is often necessary to dilate your pupils – the following may occur:

  • your focusing may be affected
  • you may be sensitive to glare
  • this usually lasts for several hours but it may be longer

For your safety and comfort:

  • it is recommended that you do not drive
  • please bring your sunglasses with you

What to bring along?

  • Your Medicare, Age Pensioners and DVA card (if applicable)
  • Your driving / TV glasses
  • Your Referral
  • If you wear contact lenses, it is preferred that you wear your glasses
  • Any previous examination reports that might be useful

Please ensure you prepare to be at the clinic for an hour to an hour and a half

The Wesley Hospital has a pay carpark, there is also paid street parking nearby. The Auckenflower train station is a 5 minute walk away, while the bus stop on coronation drive is about a 10 minute walk.

A referral is required from your GP, Specialist or Optometrist. 

Referrals are usually valid for one year (referrals from Specialists are valid for 3 months only). Your Medicare rebate will be affected if you are seen without a current referral. 

We appreciate full payment on the day unless organised prior. Please note Medicare will provide a rebate towards your consultation however private health will not. Should you wish for more information please give our friendly receptionists a call.

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