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Inflammatory Eye Disease

What is Inflammatory Eye Disease?

Inflammation can affect any part of the eye. Most commonly, the vascular layers of the eye are affected; the iris, ciliary body and choroid, which are collectively called ‘Uvea.’ Inflammation in these structures is called ‘Uveitis.’ Ocular inflammation can occur in association with a general systemic condition, infection or injury. However, often no cause is found. Signs and symptoms of Uveitis can include:

  • eye redness
  • discomfort or pain
  • blurred vision
  • light sensitivity
  • floaters or spots in the vision
  • in some cases, floaters and reduced vision may occur without eye redness and pain

Inflammatory Eye Disease Treatment

Treatment is usually aimed at controlling the inflammation and minimising the complications of Uveitis, which can result in vision loss if untreated. Treatment may need to be maintained over an extensive time period. Treatment may include steroid eye drops, dilating drops, steroid tablets and immunosuppressants.

Dr Conrad is one of Queensland’s leading specialists in the treatment of uveitis. To book a consultation with her and to receive diagnosis or further advice regarding the condition, please contact (07) 3217 7399.

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