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Cataract Surgery

What is a Cataract?

Inside the eye is the crystalline lens. This crystalline lens is used to focus light. Unfortunately, just like other parts of our body, over time this lens ages. As the lens ages, it first loses its flexibility. This means that most people require reading glasses in their forties.

As the lens continues to age, it becomes cloudy. This cloudiness of the lens is called a “Cataract” which will affect a person’s ability to see clearly.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Loss of vision from cataracts can be very disabling, resulting in difficulty with driving, reading, and many daily tasks. Cataract surgery can restore clarity to the vision, resulting in clearer, brighter vision.

Cataract Surgery Explained

In summary, cataract surgery involves replacing the cloudy natural lens with a clear, artificial lens. Cataract surgery is performed as day surgery. Light sedation and topical anaesthesia are usually all that is required. As part of cataract surgery your astigmatism, long sightedness or shortsightedness can be corrected, reducing your need for glasses.

When it comes to diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, the earlier the better. Book a consultation with our eye specialists today on (07) 3217 7399.

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